Leopoldo Udan Jr.



Hi there. My name is Leo and I'm a  visual designer with extensive experience in online fashion e-commerce. I am passionate about design and its ability to solve wicked problems through the iterative process of research, testing and evaluation. Failures not excluded.


Design is a methodology at which factors and constraints are considered as opportunities to creatively solve problems. I draw from my clients’ passions and considerations; and my source of content to make it meaningful is drawn from my passion of basic design fundamentals, embracing a logical process, and creating an effective design that would stand through time.

I value the process of design from conceptualization of ideas, and bridging user needs with business needs. It is with this bifocal lens where every inflection, space, and color modify to create a product that has great potential for measurable success. If this sounds pleasing to you, I would love to collaborate so let's get started.